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AI as a Creative Catalyst for Marketing and Design Specialists

An AI Robot Hand

How do you embed AI into your marketing process?

Marketing Professionals had some of the first initial fears of AI, with the concept of it taking their copywriting or graphic design roles away from them… but as the dust begins to settle, we can see AI is a tool to equip marketing professionals rather than a replacement for them.

When we begin to unravel the definition of AI, we can see that AI integrations have been in marketing for YEARS, just under a different title. With suggested titles hitting up our MailChimp to Adobe Photoshop’s Content-Aware features. Now with the hype of ‘AI generation’ new features are being added to similarly existing software.


Automated Inspiration, AI in Copywriting

When AI hit the copywriting industry, copywriters from all backgrounds feared for the relevance of their jobs. But the need for authenticity is becoming more and more apparent. Consumers want to speak to people not robots, and the same is said for reading anything coming out of the brand, be it the copy in their website to their blogs, or email marketing.

With the real authentic tone of voice, you’re getting more than just content, you’re increasing the reach of your campaigns. It’s because a real person’s insight into the world is always worth more and as we get exposed to AI more regularly, we can start to see the patterns.


AI for smooth sailing SEO

Open.AI can write an entire blog in seconds but with cryptographic watermarks and pattern analysis, search engines will be able to differentiate real authentic content from the oversaturated mass of AI offerings. Search engines aren’t currently penalizing sites for their use of AI content, however, this seems to be the likely next step in the AI and SEO journey.

Therefore, keeping SEO as a tool rather than as a partner to rely on seems to be the best move for SEO professionals. Tools like Twinword will significantly reduce your keyword research time, providing high-quality insight for your SEO strategies, and it might even help you with PPC (Pay-per-click).  


AI for Graphic Design and Illustration

With visual AI generation, we can see our design concepts in minutes, and your client can put their words into action.

But AI generation isn’t the end result, it’s lacking the quality and skill of a dedicated professional. We’ve all seen AI generated hands – and they’re an absolute horror story.

Integrations like Photoshop’s Generative Fill Beta minimizes a Graphic Designer’s time-consuming asset hunt to a couple of sentences in a couple of seconds. As much as we think it might affect the stock image industry, the best results are born from real images where AI plays a supporting role.


How do you embed AI into your role? Join the conversation on LinkedIn or Twitter. 

Looking to find out more on the creative industries’ market trends? Or are you ready to make your next step in the Marketing and Design industry? Get in touch with our US team today or head to our UK website for British-based roles. 




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