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A deep dive into Creative Industries Market Trends across the USA

Keeping up with the latest creative industries market trends can be a harrowing affair. Luckily, we’ve rounded up our top guidance to get you back on track. As our economy has increasingly fluctuated since the rise of COVID-19, it’s a great time to review and reflect on the industry as a whole.

Tech, finance and ecommerce giants are forecasting a BIG resurgence in the global market next year, they’re seeing Q3/Q4 of 2023 as the perfect time to channel more funds into marketing and event budgets to grab as much market share as possible.

The knock-on effect is a noticeable growth in opportunity within the Events Services Industry. Key Account Management and Account Direction has never been more important to specialist agencies who are looking to leverage existing relationships and develop new business opportunities. Similarly, great Event Producers and Project Managers who can deliver with pace and quality are able to demand a premium for their services.

Optimism is everywhere at the moment and event businesses are cashing in on positive market conditions to grow their teams and secure a pipeline.

Rising Costs, Increased Competition & Hurried Timeframes – an unappetizing cocktail

While there is definite optimism in the market, attracting, recruiting and retaining high-caliber talent in the creative industries has never been more challenging.

Salaries have risen and continue to rise, while commercial real estate costs and mandatory tech spend also bring added costs to the running of a business. These pressures are felt by creative businesses but also by their clients, which means that project schedules are squeezed and there tends to be a great level of competition for work. Creative agencies are often having to retender and pitch for work that was previously forecast as guaranteed business. Architecture and Interior Design firms are experiencing.

To solve the problem, many employers are opting freelance employment models to get them through tight periods.

A modern architectural structure photographed in an abstract way.

The Writers Strike: An end in sight?

TV and production houses across the globe are still feeling the impacts of the WGA strike which is now entering its fifth month, but reports suggest that positive talks are ongoing and the industry anxiously awaits a conclusion.

While negotiations are pushing on, pre and post production staff are finding employment in other avenues including ad and branding agencies. These staff who are upskilling in other areas will only prove to add greater value to the FX industry when the strike does end and the labor market returns.

In the meantime, we can only sit and wait, hoping that discussions wrap up sooner rather than later.

The American Dream reborn in the post-Covid era

The post-pandemic landscape we find ourselves in provides a unique platform for global business. Countries and time zones merge and blur into one as working hours and practices become more flexible.

As a result, numerous businesses are seeing the American market as a more welcoming opportunity and are setting up US operations. We’re one of them.

mustard are a global creative recruiter with 5 distinct divisions:

We offer a full service permanent and freelance service to all customers and provide a market-leading client and candidate experience.

Joe Bungey is Operations Director at mustard and has nearly 10 years recruiting experience across the creative world.



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