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Summer Experiential Marketing Events Wrapped Up

As the colder weather begins to approach, it’s a great time to reminisce about this year’s summer experiential marketing extravaganzas. Here's our top 3 wrapped up!

Hidden Gems Creating Fruitful Brand Elevation

Aerie's hidden gems campaign

Nothing feels better than an experiential marketing push that defies the ages… Why fight to compete when you can grow together. Aerie’s Hidden Gems Marketplace in New York, took small boutique brands off TikTok and provided them with a physical space to display and sell their goods. Not only did this provide an opportunity for other brands to flourish, it set Aerie off as it’s leader.

This pop-up event even brought in some A-list stars to the attendee roster.

“Awareness is definitely an opportunity for us, but we decided to connect with local brands and amplify our messages together,” Chief Marketing Officer Stacey McCormick told Adweek.

Newspaper style brochures were handed out with all the brands details, the latest Aerie products and was perfectly positioned to show off the Aerie Real campaign.

From Potato Chips to Selfie Factories… The Pringles Brand is going on tour.

Pringles Experiential Marketing

Pringles are a monster brand, a classic in every American home, and even for our siblings at mustard UK.

This year they decided to do something beyond their usual marketing avenues, taking their product on the road for a festival tour like no other. With stops at Rolling Loud, Miami, HARD Summer, Los Angeles and Life is Beautiful, Las Vegas, music fans experienced Pringles in a whole new way via the Pringles Playground.

Taking their iconic Pringles can, rebuilding it and resizing it to become a DJ booth where festival-goers can get creative and put together their own beats. This experiential strategy focuses on attendee interaction but it doesn’t end there.

Get stuck in and win: A wall of Pringles cans where you can pull out mystery prizes. With sunglasses, bananas, hats and VIP ticket upgrades up for grabs, interacting with the brand was a no brainer for attendees.

Their event set up even included potato chip shaped seating and swings, perfect for *that* festival selfie.

Experiential Marketing Taking Festival Experiences Across the Galaxy...

Samsung at Nylon House

With over 500,00 attendees, Coachella is a hot topic across many experiential marketeers. The event itself brought $1.5 billon to the local economy, a multitude of brands want a piece of the metaphorical pie.

Nylon House was a galactic dreamland, home to various experiential campaigns, a brand that truly stood out amongst the masses was Samsung. In collaboration with Media Pollution this sizeable open circuit inspired art installation was a hit with attendees. Meticulously designed with 30+ Samsung LCDs, 50,000 LED pixels, circuit boards and additional lighting.

Sparking a social media storm amongst the hundreds of influencers and celebrities attending for the new launch of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. An excellent debut into the Gen Z market.

With over 50+ million social media impressions… it’s safe to say that this experiential campaign was seen.

Are you looking to take your experiential, events or exhibitions team to the next level?

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