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Happy Chinese Lunar New Year, 2024!

Happy Lunar New Year

Welcome to the Year of the Wood Dragon!

If you’re getting that ‘Friday Feeling’ more powerfully than usual, it’s no wonder - because the next Lunar New Year kicks off this weekend on February 10th. This is also an especially happy Chinese Lunar New Year, as 2024 marks the return of that most majestic and mythical of all zodiac signs - the dragon.


And not just any old dragon, either, because according to Chinese element theory, this year’s cycle means that the wood dragon is making its appearance for the first time in 60 years.


So, what does the wood dragon have in store for us mere mortals this lunar year? Well, first-off, its visit is believed “to foster growth, progress and abundance, so this year is an excellent time to build a solid foundation for something new with long-term potential.” This means you’ll attract good fortune in your career if you take the time to upgrade your skills and knowledge.


Wood Dragon-style innovation


For instance, this is the optimum year for architects to get to grips with their industry’s priorities, like the latest ideas for sustainable building. This is also a top-tier focus for clients seeking interior makeovers, so all ID designers with attitude should be imagining innovative ways to recycle and renew. As wood represents vitality and creativity, this year’s dragon will support these endeavours with all the fire in its belly.


There’s also the important concern of how architects and designers can incorporate feng shui into interiors to ensure a prosperous Year Of The Dragon. Forbes recently highlighted a few tips from experts in the art. These include reducing clutter, ushering in good luck with red and yellow in the North of your space, and encouraging energy flow via clever positioning of furniture. If you’re an ID professional, then this is the year the wood dragon will lift your feng shui creativity to a higher level of success.


If you add to this that dragons are related to attainment, intelligence and honour in Chinese culture, you'll find that 2024 holds the ultimate zodiac combination to unlock positive career moves. Whether that’s climbing up the promotion ladder, or taking the opportunity to try something bold and new, this year is auspicious, full stop.


Enter the newborn dragon


So, what are people born in the Year of the Wood Dragon like? For a start, they’re full of energy and drive. This means one thing if you’re welcoming a newborn into the family during the next 11 months - they’ll not only dream of changing the world, but will be full of innovative ideas on precisely how they’ll do it. They’ll also be perfectionists, and will not give up on their goals without a big fight.


And if you were born in the last year of the wood dragon (1964), then this applies to you too. One thing’s for certain - you’ll not be looking to retire anytime soon, as changing the world will still be your number one priority!


If you don’t already know, and you’re curious as to which Chinese zodiac sign you are, then click here. Has that grabbed your interest? Good, because this video will let you know all the ways you can boost your sign’s luck during the coming year.


This just leaves us to wish you all a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year of the Wood Dragon from mustard Jobs in Asia.


And if you’re feeling the dragon’s presence regarding your built environment or interior design career, then Kelvin Lau is our man in Hong Kong with the hottest job opportunities for the best candidates. mustard’s Asia telephone hotline is +852 3905 2203.



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