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Hong Kong’s Most Impressive Architectural Builds

HSBC Building Hong Kong

So Far...

Hong Kong is a melting pot of Architecture, from the most unique skyscrapers to traditional Buddhist temples. So, in this blog, we’re basking in the light (and the rather large shadows) of some of the best and most iconic builds.


Chi Lin Nunnery

Having been built without a single nail or screw, this impressive offering, has been built entirely from traditional processes. Yes, despite its looks, the original site was an old villa, which was entirely re-constructed to its infamous style in the 1990s.

This mammoth project, required a many specialists from a wide range of disciplines, including Mr. Xiao Mo, the classical Architecture expert that had drawn the conceptual layout based on Tang Architecture. Ms. Zhang Zhiping, Director of the Classic Architecture and Design Unit, led a team of more than 10 experts, spending more than 2 years to prepare the full set of plans. These were also inspected by classical architecture specialists, Mr. Luo Zhewen and Mr. Du Xianzhou.


Jockey Club Innovation Tower

Home to the Hong Kong, Polytechnic University School of Design and the Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation, this Zaha Hadid Architects masterpiece takes us back to the future.

This building was created to be 15 stories of pure innovation, fitted with everything a forward-thinking student would need, from labs, to workshops, to design studios, exhibition spaces and of course, classrooms. Completed in 2014, this impressive space promotes a multi-disciplinary environment.


The Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Company (HSBC) Main Building

The next building that takes Architectural design to its limits is Hong Kong’s HSBC Headquarters. Completed in 1986, this building remains at the forefront of innovation,

HSBC wanted the building to be a "visible demonstration of the bank's commitment to its birthplace".

The building’s design is even more impressive when you consider that Foster + Partners, had never previously made a project of this size. Never outside of the UK and never above three-stories tall. Being their largest-to-date project, and being one of the most expensive buildings of the time, we’d image the project was a daunting one. Defying all odds, they succeeded eloquently.


The Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre

Yes, here is another educational space, because we just can’t get enough of them!

Home to the forefront of innovation, housed in a nines-story crystalline structure, this is the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre.

Completed in 2010, the asymmetric, abstract windows, provide natural light in even the most central places of the building, cutting into lecture halls, classrooms and computer rooms.

“Daniel Libeskind’s design substantiates the fact that evolved spaces can be effectively used to bolster evolved learning. It breaks all norms of a traditional center of learning and thus inspires the student to do the same…break all convention, push the envelope and challenge the scope of the creative mind.” – Home Review (January 2012)


Are you an Architecture student looking for your first role, or are you an Architect looking for the next BIG thing? No matter your experience, we’re here to help you land your next role, in the very heart of Asia. Our Asia lead Kelvin Lau is ready for your call: +852 3905 2203 or email:



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